Single-layered Polyethersulfone PES Membrane Filter Cartridge
Single-layered Polyethersulfone PES Filter Cartridge(SPS) Cobetter Pleated Single-layered polyethersulfone PES membrane filter Cartridge (SPS) are specially designed to provide superior flow rates at an economical cost. The Unique construction features a high particle removal efficiency. Hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane cartridges require no pre-wetting and are ready to use.      

■ Materials of Construction

Filter Medium


Support Layer




Pore size

 0.04um ,0.1um ,0.2um ,0.45um, 

 0.65um ,0.8um, 1.2um


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■ Bacterial Retention:
• Complete Retention of >107 organisms/cm2 of Brevundimonas diminuta in accordance with the current HIMA challenge methodology   (ASTM F838-83). Validation Guide upon Reguest.

■ Features and Benefits

• 100% Integrity tested to release assuring absolute reliability

• Hydrophilic, easy to wet and integrity test   

• Broad range of chemical compatibility

• Component materials meet the requirements of the USP Class VI Biological Test for Plastics

■ Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature


Maximum Pressure



Steaming Sterilize


Hot water strilize


 ■ Applications

• Large Volume Parenterals(LVP)

• Bulk pharmaceutical products

• DI water

• Biological Products

• Process water

• Bottled water

■ Ordering Information

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