String Wound Filter
Precision String Wound Filter Cartridge (WDC) Has various media available to suit different applications. Removal rating avaliable from 0.5 to 100 microns. The cartridge length is from 4" to 40".


■ Materials of Construction


Filter Medium
Polypropylene / Bleached Cotton /
Glass Fibre / Washed Polypropylene
Inner Core
Polypropylene /304 Stainless Steel /
316 Stainless Steel
Nominal O.D.
Nominal I.D.


■ Features and Benefits


  • • Manufactured to give a considerable dirt holding capacity,high flow rates and low pressure.
  • • Various media available,supply wide chemical compatibility


■ Operating Conditions


Maximum Temperature
With stainless core
Glass Fiber: 399 ℃(750℉)
With Polypropylene core


■ Applications


  • • Chemical Industry: painting,ink, resin, adhesives
  • •Microelectronics Industry: Pre-filter of ultra pure water
  • • Food&Beverage: oil,syrup filtration
  • •Water Treatment: process water, domestic water, condensate water


■ Ordering Information



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