Guard Filter Cartridges
High dirty Holding Capability Guard Filter Cartridges(SGD) are specially designed as guard filter for Pre-RO system. Filter medium is superfine nano fibers which fiber diameter is 1/3 of normal fibers. So SGD filter cartridges offer excellent efficiency, high flow rate and high dirty holding. The single cage constriction provides high surface area, stable length control and no leakage risk. SGD filter cartridge can protect expensive RO membrane working safely. Suitable as guard filter for water treatment industry  


■ Materials of Construction


Filter Medium

Superfine Nano Fibers

Support Layer

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Pore Size
1um, 4um, 10um


■ Features and Benefits


  • ●high surface area, high dirty holding capacity and minimize maintenance cost
  • ●Stable length control
  • ●Reduce leakage risk


■ Operating Conditions


Maximum Temperature
Maximum Pressure

4bar / 70℉ (21℃)

2.4bar / 158℉(70℃)

Recommend Change-out Pressure

1bar / 21℃


■ Aplication


  • ●Pre-RO Filtration
  • ●Oilfield Injection


■ Nominal Length


Benefits of SGD Cartridge:


  • ●High surface area
  • ●High dirt holding capacity
  • ●Reduce leakage risk
  • ●Stable length control




■ Ordering Information




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