Nylon Melt Blown
   Cobetter SupaNylon® Melt  Blown Filter Cartridges are made of nylon melt-blown depth media without surfactants, binders, or adhesives. Manufactured in a Class 10,000 clean room, they provide excellent quality. The filter has been designed for the applications where polypropylene filters cannot be used.     Cobetter SupaNylon® Melt Blown filters are suitable for high temperature applications as well as applications involving solvents, hydrocarbons and aromatics. 


■ Materials of Construction 


Filter Medium
100% Nylon
End Caps and Adaptors  100% Nylon
Nominal O.D.
63mm (MB-NY/MB-NYC)
64mm (64RMF-NY)
Nominal I.D.
28mm (MB-NY/MB-NYC)
30mm (64RMF-NY)


■ Features and Benefits


  • • No wetting agents, solvents, sufactants, binders, or adhesives
  • • Manufactured in Class 10,000 Clean Room 
  • • Composed entirely of nylon
  • • Excellent chemical compatibility with aromatics, hydrocarbons and solvents
  • • Continuously gradient pore structure for maximum dirt holding capacity
  • • Maximum operating temperature of 120 ℃
  • • Available in standard and customized sizes to meet all application requirements
  • • Food Contact Declaration 2008/39/EC (2002/72/EC)


 ■ Operating Conditions


Maximum Temperature
Maximum Pressure    
Filter Change Recommended at                2.0bar



■ Applications

  •  Pure water prefiltration         • Electrophoretic paint and varnishe
  • • Slops reprocessing              • Sour water stripper protection
  • • Final product dehazing         • Solvent based coating
  • • Liquefied petroleum gas        • Polymers
  • • Adhesives                           • Degreasing agents


■ Flow Rate Characteristics


■ Ordering Information

Please consult sales@cobetterfilter.com for further details on this product.