High Efficiency Absolute Polypropylene Filter Cartridge
High Efficiency Absolute Polypropylene Filter Cartridge (APP) Provide absolute, accurate efficiency for the retention of particlesin most critical application especially  in beer filtration. It combines high dirty loading capacities with long service life and extremely high flow  rates. Suitable for Beer filtration.



■ Materials of Construction


Filter Medium
Multiple Layers Melt-blown Polypropylene
Support Layer
Core/Cage/End Caps
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■ Features and Benefits


  • • High dirt loading capacity
  • • Pleated surface provides superior flow rate and extended service life
  • • Available in absolute ratings from 0.65 to 5 microns for a range of precise size removal
  • • Excellent retention of Particles and reduction of bioburden from liquids


■ Operating Conditions


Differential Pressure
Max. Allowable Back Pressure  
29psi(2bar) at 20℃
In line Steam Sterilization  
121℃,20min. at max differential pressure of 0.5 bar/7psi
134℃, 29psi(2bar),30min


■ Applications


  • • Beer filtration
  • • water filtration plants
  • • Clarify filtration
  • • Chemicals
  • • Food & Beverage
  • • Pharmaceuticals


■ Ordering Information




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